Saturday, January 31, 2009

Forest Bound Lace & Military Bags

I discovered this shop on etsy a few weeks ago, it is called ForestBound. The shop is quite a smashing success and its no surprise. The bags and pouches made at ForestBound are constructed from salvaged materials, like vintage Vietnam duffel bags and then are embellished in a simplistic way using tattered and torn lace doilies. I imagine the violent past of these vintage fabrics meeting the refined feminine lace. Its a true juxtaposition. I love them.

Alice Saunders has a lovely interview at Hearth and Made Blog which you can read here.

After viewing these, it reminded me of the movie A Very Long Engagement. I adore this movie and the intertwining of a military and love story. It really mirrors the same effect of Alice's shop. If you have not seen A Very Long Engagement, I highly recommend it. [a wonderful story and a superb visual experience] and I love Audrey Tautou as well as Jean-Pierre Jeunet. Le sigh.

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