Saturday, February 14, 2009

I am Loved on Valentine's Day

Pete and I spent the late morning into the afternoon working in my dad's wood shop. We have been planning and testing some new wood jewelry items for etsy. Well, Pete asked me to find him a wooden mallet, said it should be hanging on the wall somewhere, and when I found it and pulled it off the wall this sweet wooden heart was hiding behind it! What a romantic! [it was the first thing he ever cut on a scroll saw and he quickly hid it so I could find it]

Here are some photos of our progress. We are working on a bird and whale design for pendants.

We still have some experimenting to do, especially with the type of wood and the thickness as well as staining. We hope to use a darker wood stain and finish the little fellows by adding a vintage chain. [recycling of course] I am really looking forward to the results.


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