Friday, February 13, 2009

Is it Spring yet?

I have been wishing for spring and I had a small taste of it this week as on Wednesday the temperatures in Eastern Pennsylvania reach 55+ ! It was a nice change, as the temperatures have been super low this winter. I also got in the mood for spring by rooting a few Spider Plant babies. [using recycled materials of course]

If I can find some interesting containers these beauties may show up on etsy sometime soon. ::wink:: I am looking for unusual and brightly colored ceramic containers that can be drilled into. [for drainage of course]

I saw these great handmade ceramic planters on etsy last week, they are from Greenware Design. I adore the simplistic nature of the planters and they ever so popular succulents that are planted inside. Check out their shop: Greenware Design and their website.

Greenware Design is a two woman team that combines the talents of two longtime friends, Irene McCollam and Leslie Geer. Irene, the potter, creates original ceramics on her pottery wheel. Leslie, the planter, fills them up with unique succulent plantings. Together they design each planter with loving care—getting their hands dirty so you won't have to.

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