Thursday, February 26, 2009

More Ideas for Vintage Doilies

Ideas are swirling and more sketches are flowing. I took some photos of my favorite tatting on my vintage doilies. I just adore how romantic they are!

I see some ideas coming to the shop within the next few weeks. I am thinking embroidery, hoops, line drawings. Pete has also been working really hard on the bird silhouette necklaces. He also made some whales and even some mustaches! I can't wait to stock up the shop this weekend!

On anther note, which is also black and white inspired, I am totally smitten with the seller nosideup on etsy. They have some prints in their shop of some really fine and beautiful line drawings. I think I am drawn to these because I adore the simplicity of them, but also the complicated images its makes from simple lines.I also teach my students a lesson [but much less fine art due to the fact that they are in elementary school] like this that teaches line quality. I call it "the bad hair day" and they use repeated lines to create crazy hair. As much as I love my students colorful creations, I like these prints much more. Visit their blog [here]

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