Sunday, March 29, 2009

Robin's Egg Blue

Well, it is a gray and ugly day outside. Pete and I are going to the movies this afternoon for his birthday. We are going to get popcorn and see I Love You, Man! We both adore, just simply adore Paul Rudd. I think if the two of us ever met the guy we would smoother him in loving hugs and kisses. I especially like him in Wet, Hot American Summer... "You taste like a burger, I don't like you anymore!"

I also love that so many actors from Freaks + Geeks are still in acting. I think that that show was one in a million and I love the people from it even if it was extremely short lived and ahead of its time.

To cheer my up for such a drab day, I am listing this Robin's Egg blue beauty in the shop today. It is a vintage assemblage of fabric, beads and filigree metal. It's really nice. Great pin for the spring!
I also found this great vintage old stock of glitter vials! They are so darling! I wish I was into scrapbooking to use them! I stuck them in a vintage ceramic planter to photograph them. She is a sweetie, I have named her Ellie.

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