Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yard Sale Find of the Year

Attention Ladies and Gentlemen, this weekend I found one of my greatest yard sale finds ever! Behold: The coolest mid century modern planter. It has a scroll metal base and a lovely white ceramic bowl. What did this great find cost me you ask? A whole, entire $1.00 bill!I have it on my 1950s sideboard in my dining room right now. I am not sure if that is where it it staying or not. I love it next to the stack of books, some of my favorites there! My husband gave me three books in that stack for Christmas last year, all of which I highly recommend.
Creature By: Andrew Zuckerman [site]

Really amazing high quality photographs of animals. I adore them all, besides the snakes, with there were no snakes. Heh.

Shelter Dogs By: Traer Scott [flickr]

Shelter Dogs is another photography book full of amazing images of puppies and dogs from shelters across the United States. It is difficult to get though this book without shedding a tear.

I Like You By: Amy Sedaris

On a lighter note, I adore Amy Sedaris' book: I Like You. Full of humor and fun imagery! I also love reading the negative comment on amazon.com about it! Tee hee!


  1. That is a fab find. Oh the things we can get for a dollar. Lately 5 as been my lucky number. A wall length plant stand, a chair and a lamp. All $5 each.

    The books look great too. I could look at dogggie pictures all day.

  2. Great finds.
    I also love your ampersand. Where is that from?

  3. its from Michaels craft store! Super cheap!