Sunday, June 28, 2009

Creating an Atmosphere

I really enjoying setting an atmosphere up for my photographs. I love this white table I photograph on, but it needs a backdrop. I was using my duvet cover, now I am using a piece of vintage brocade fabric.

I also like the top of this white dresser, but the light it not as bright there. I love the pale pink wall behind it, but it often registers as a gray yucky pink!

Sometimes I feel like I am painting when I am photographing. I love to set up a composition. Look at the way the neck of the lamp curves in the second photo, leads your eye straight around the image and exemplifies the light shade. Next, you eyes drives you downward to the pencils/book which then directs your eye at a forward diagonal down the pencils, straight towards you, ending the eye traveling.

Find it [here]

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