Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Vintage Ice Buckets

JessJamesJake: $14.00 [here]

Aqua Velvet: $19.00 [here]

Eclecticamiami: $16.00 [here]

WhiteCatVintage: $16.00 [here]

FabulousMess: $85.00 [here]

BlueBell: $20.00 [here]

What a colorful collection! I think that vintage ice buckets can be one of the most useful things in a home. Fill them with fresh flowers, store old buttons in them, place silverware in them at a picnic for easy carrying and grabbing, and of course, for ice!

Now, if I had the party planned to go along with these!


  1. Cool blog! Thanks for including my ice bucket in your latest post.

  2. This is a great collection of ice buckets! Thanks so much!! Love your shop. xo

  3. Yes, what a fab collection! So happy to be among, thank you!
    You have a lovely blog & shops. :~)

  4. It would be fun to think of corresponding cocktails to go with these. Mint Julips for the pony, Old Fashioned for the retro, Saki for the Zen wood.....

    I am getting thirsty !

  5. Your blog is so inspirational and cutesy - LOVE IT! I'll definitely be checking back often.

  6. Just found you and so glad I did! What a fab blog! Sonya