Monday, January 17, 2011

Fun Original Art Giveaway...

What an exciting and fun giveaway over at Hearted Girl's blog. The artist Zoe Pawlak is giving away not one, but two of her original paintings!Here is a video of her creating one of her oil paintings. I love the way she creates such a flow from the woman's hair to the beating of horses' hooves. So lovely and what delicate would be SO lucky to win one of these! Enter by Jan. 23rd!!

Zoe Pawlak creating a Stampede from Zoe Pawlak on Vimeo.

Just become a follower of Heart Girl's blog and leave a comment to win. Her blog is simply cute and full of interesting little tid bits. [like this fantastic post about a mobile taco stand-yum, yum, yum]

1 comment:

  1. amanda, cool are you?! what a sweet post and i LOVE the Zoe love!!!! will have to let her know about this kindness. cheers lades and you know this qualifies you for an extra entry too, so head on back and up your chances!

    pea ess: i really like the one you chose, it's really rad to hear what it means to you too. ♥