Sunday, January 30, 2011

Vintage Betty Crocker...

I came across two vintage Betty Crocker cook books this week. They were each .99 cents. I grabbed them right away with a jump of joy in my thrifting heart. These books, though the recipes are very much dated, contain the best line illustrations! I am always inspired by the small, fantastically unique illustrations that dot the pages.

One is a calendar style book with a special dish for EVERY special occasion. Each month section tells you what that month's flower is as well as birthstone and how the month's name was created. It is written simply, but is wildly interesting, filled with things to do on each calendar day or a sweet sentiment or quote. January 30th: "Home is where the heart is." Elbert Hubbard.

The other cook book is a party themed one. It too is filled with dated recipes, but also fantastic drawings. It also contains how to tips and decorating ideas for parties. Make themed recipes that span from Washington's Birthday [on my, really?] to Halloween party treats!
You can find the Party Cook Book [here] & [here] and the Calendar Cook Book [here] & [here] as I can not part with mine!


  1. great finds! congratulations :)

  2. i love the illustrations in those

  3. great graphics! i always love it when a cookbook has spiral binding, it makes it so much easier to flip through. and at .99 cents, well what a steal. retro-ness rules!!! happy monday lades. ♥