Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Organizing Jewelry...

I let such a mess form on top of my dresser that I didn't even remember what great jewelry pieces I had! Many of them are "borrowed" from my mom. She had an antique booth for years and now has a small weekend only shop. She has come across such great jewelry finds. [some of which I begged for] Here is a before and after shot of my jewelry area. Things are now in some what of an order, but not necessarily organized. That will come another day...
The white box was my grandmother's. It is filled with the prettiest blue and pink lining. The small wooden hexagon shaped box was made for me by my grandfather. He inlayed an "A" initial on it for me. It is very sweet. Maybe some time in the future I will share my favorite pieces, but for now here are some over all photos.
My mom does have an on line shop too if you are interested. She showcases a lot of unique costume jewelry pieces. Find her [here]

These are two of my favorites that have already sold from her shop. So simple, so pretty.

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  1. I just saw this.. thank you so much, it warmed my heart. I didn't get past the bow ties! <3