Monday, April 4, 2011

Vintage Oil Paintings...

I sold a tiny oil painting a few years ago on etsy and really have regretted it. It was so bright and pretty...small and cute. Often I think about starting my own collection of small sized, vintage oil paintings. This morning I hunted down some really great vintage oil paintings. [of all sizes!]


For source links you can click on the images.


  1. Love that idea..the dog ones are especially sweet.

  2. Dear Amanda,

    You have exquisite taste! Believe it or not I just reduced the price of that painting of mine down to $30. I'm moving soon and can't take all the lovlies with me.

    I'm happy to discover your blog :)

  3. How true! I feel the same sadness selling a pretty little painting several years ago too. I still miss it. I hope whoever has it loves it.

    Thanks for telling me about your blog... I can't decide either!

  4. gorgeous love your style.
    While on holidays I found a guy who will do an oil painting of your dog....LOVE IT>...pity the poochies were not on holidays with us.