Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Thrifted Umbrella Stand DIY

Today I did a quick afternoon DIY project. I found this metal umbrella stand at the thrift store yesterday for $4.99 Naturally, I scooped it up right away for that price and made a mental "to do" to pick up some cheap black spray paint. So, this morning I walked to my local hardware store and picked up a $2.49 can of matte black spray paint.

Back at home, I tapped off the top of the can where I didn't want the black paint to be. I could have been a little more creative here with the design, but I wanted to stay simple. After tapping off the top section of the can, I took it outside, placed it on a tarp, and lightly sprayed layer after layer of the paint onto the can using the same direction. (side to side)


In the end, I think it came out nicely. Next time, I would opt for the $3 more for better spray paint. But, me being thrifty for this project, I am happy with the total of $7.48!

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