Sunday, January 18, 2009

ItsBella Lingerie

This is the newest addition to ItsBella! She is ready just in time for Valentine's Day. This vintage slip was lovingly hand dyed a sweet red/coral color and then hemmed to a more modern length. The original lace hem was carefully removed and then re sewn to the new hem. An addition of double black lace was also added to them hem. Lastly, a romantic detail of lace was added to the bottice as well as a sweet double bow at the breast. [it is removable on a safety pin]

It was a labor of love, but I had a lot of fun doing it. It was a cold, cold winter day yesterday, spent sewing and sewing! Here are some photos of the process.

...and this is anther one that I completed this afternoon.
Psst: ItsBella is now offering ::Free Shipping:: as a standard for every listing! [within the u.s.]



  1. Hey! I saw your comment on my blog but wasn't sure how to reply so I thought I'd leave a message here.

    You can add an Etsy banner to your blog if you look for an option called Etsy Mini at the bottom of your main etsy page where you edit your shop and stuff like that. Its on the side links at the very bottom. You choose what kind of banner you want to make and then it'll deliver you a code that you paste into your blog. I think the blog gadget that you need to add is called HTML/JavaScript. That's where you paste your code for the banner.

    Wow that was lots of typing. hah. Well, hope that helps!! And happy crafting!