Saturday, January 17, 2009

Vintage Costume Jewelry & Terrariums

[1.] -$15.00 [2.] $18.00 [3.] $15.00 [4.] $15.00

My mom's shop Rebelyun has a gorgeous selection of rhinestone costume jewelry right now. [get them while they are there! The second one has already sold!] She has such an eye for photographing these beauties. I remember digging through her stash before I moved out and got married. I have a few special pieces that I will forever hold onto. What a really want to do it mount them inside a shadow box and hang them somewhere. Its not like I will be wearing the large pieces anytime soon!

On another note, I heard that Country Home Magazine is going to no longer be published! I am very sad to hear this news, as it is one of my favorite magazines to flip though for inspiration. This is a photograph from Country Home displaying a gathering of vintage costume jewelry. Their photography has always impressed me.

Country Home [on line] also has a lovely, lovely article on plants under glass. I began my first terrarium last fall and it is not doing too well. [thus the lack of pictures of my own terrarium!] So, enjoy some photos of some very good terrariums. [they are super easy to make and maintain, read this article to find out more about them.]

Made by Mavis over at etsy also makes lovely terrariums! She was recently on the front page as a featured seller.

Ah, the green makes me think of spring. It can come early this year, I wouldn't mind.



  1. Wow! what shock ! My shop featured in a blog! Thanks sweetie ! I was totally surprised. I guess now I have to but the coffee on out next treasure hunt..ah, Spring!
    As a special thank you, any one who convo's me and uses the code word "she can't decide" gets 25% off!