Saturday, January 24, 2009

Photography and Lace.

Sliverware no. 1657 8" x 8" Print $20.00 @

I was reading Design*Sponge this morning, catching up on my blog reading that was dearly missed during this busy, busy week, and I came across an article on a photographer Kari Herer, who photographs images of antique flatware and teacups. At first glance I was taken away to a sweet, mysterious black and white world of cutlery and sophisticated drink ware.

Then to my delight I discovered her collection of peony photographs. Her compositions are precise and intriguing. I have always loved peonies, ever since I first saw a stunning spread on these beauties in Martha Stewart years ago. I had them in my wedding bouquet, so full and feathery. I think they are by far the most romantic and beautiful flowers.
Peony no. 3240 8" x 10" Print $25.00 @

On another romantic note, Etsy's Storque Spotlight featured my shop: ItsBella! How sweet! My pink and lace vintage camisole was featured first on the list. It felt like such an honor and it was snatched up quickly and sent off to Minnesota this morning! Get other great deals this weekend through the Storque while they last!

Lastly, I need help! My lace collection is one of my most favorite things to play with, but it is beginning to get out of control! It is this massive pile of tangled and unraveled lace! I have so many different colors, shades, widths, and lengths! How does one acquire a visually pleasing, type A, display of their lace collection? I though about buying a thin black ribbon and just tying each piece of lace as neatly as possible. Then I thought of cutting nice card stock in a 3" x 6" rectangle and wrapping the lace around that. I am unsure what to do, I need an organizational genius.


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