Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bathrooms and Sofas.

Oh yes, yes I love this bathroom! I saw it on Apartment Therapy-Nyc. It makes me want to paint my natural woodwork in my house. I love white woodwork, white doors, le sigh. I also really love the unique window on the far wall. Its amazingly beautiful and full of character with its wide wood trim and narrow long glass pane. I just want to walk into the photo and open the window to see what's outside.

I could never live in a new construction home, old homes have way more character and feeling. Hopefully my next home will have white woodwork, if not, I will paint it myself! [we don't expect to be in our current home for a long time, so we have to think about resale]

Yesterday the light was coming into my bedroom in the most lovely way. I had to snap a photo before it was gone. I must say, I am really beginning to get tired of the winter. I wish the sunlight was around longer, I wish the air was warmer, and I wish the snow would go away. My car is filthy, my shoes are salt crusted, I am super ready for spring.

I am feeling a bit under the weather today, so my etsy shops will suffer. I have five new frames to fill, photograph, and list! Unfortunately, none of them were completed today! I will work on filling them this week in the evenings and be ready to photograph them on Saturday, when I am home and there is actually day light.

Not that I need a new sofa, but I have been lusting over these two sofas from Urban Outfitters for a year now. I just researched them and have found that people are very disappointed with the quality of these pieces. Its really a shame that it is so difficult to find affordable AND stylish furniture. These both look great, but I read that the fabrics are thin and the wood legs are cheap. I guess you get what you pay for.



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