Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow, Snow, Snow.

Well, here I am again on a snow day! [last one before we have to start going into our summer vacation] At least this will give me a day to catch up on my etsy shops as well as blogging and crafting. I am so full of ideas lately, its just getting them to come out of my hands is the challenge.

I wore my lace flower brooch/pin yesterday at school and had many compliments on it! I hope to make more today, as I finally bought some pin backs to sew on.

I am also listening to the Amelie soundtrack, trying to get motivated and wishing that there was more sunlight today for photos. I have things as close to the window as I can possibly get, sigh.

There is a new vintage nightie in the shop. It is too adorable. This may be my most favorite piece.

Also completed today and two frames for my other shop. The first one looks like fall to me. It was a recent thrift store find. Its an amazing frame that I painted black. [it was a horrible gold tone before] It once again is filled with one of my favorite illustrator's work. [Evaline Ness] The second one, as bright and cheery as it is, reminds me of winter. I guess its the cool blue and black and white image. The illustration is from a 1960s science book!



  1. Well snow
    is better than the ice we are having on our side of the mountain.. Daisy misses Bella..Happy crafting <3

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