Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A New Year, A New Attitude

Finally, I am getting my rear in gear about blogging! I think what held me from beginning me before [and keeping it up] was the fact that I could not decide what to focus my blog on! I love to do so many things and I enjoy so many things!

I read fashion blogs, home decorating blogs, etsy blogs, craft blogs, green living blogs, etc, etc, etc!
So, in MY blog, who is to say that I can not write about all of these things? It may be jumbled, it may be random, but I have finally made a decision!

I have been focusing on my etsy shops for a little over a half of a year now. I have three:
ItsBella began first, as a supply shop. I had so much fun making little packets of scrap sewing materials, paper collage materials, buttons, lace, trims and the like. Then about a month ago, I had the idea of using these supplies to embellish vintage lingerie! So, I revamped the shop, and changed the products to hand embellished vintage lingerie. I sell camis, slips, skirts, and much more is in the works. It has been a really beautiful transition from supply shop to lingerie shop!

FunkeyFinds was a labor of love for sometime as well this summer. I enjoyed traveling with my mom to thrift stores, auctions, and tag sales throughout eastern Pennsylvania in the stiffling summer heat. We bargained, we got lost, we found treasures, we had fun! I am really, really looking foward to doing that again this summer. [I say this as it is freezing rain and 25 degrees here!] I really love the thrill of the hunt, finding something that is beautiful among trash!

My last shop, Olivesomeday, is so much fun! I search for vintage frames, as well as vintage look a-likes. I paint them brightly and fill them with vintage children's illustrations. [painting has been difficult since the winter came, I can no longer paint in the garage and painting in the basement can be somewhat hazardous!]
When I began college I wanted to get into graphic design. I adore old books, the way they smell, the way the crack at the bindings, and they way you just can't find images like them anymore! Some of my favorite illustrators are Evaline Ness, Maurice Sendak, Dom Almquist and anything from a 1960s Nature/Science book!

As for the rest of my life, I have two cats, a Boston Terrier, a Husband, a House and a Job as an Elementary Art Teacher!

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