Thursday, February 19, 2009

Laundry Room Ideas

Country Living

I read a lot, and I mean a lot, of design blogs. Often there are bathroom images as well as kitchen and other rooms but very few and far between are there images of great laundry rooms! I am beginning to plan my first floor laundry room which also happens to be a first floor bathroom. There is a stand shower and only room for a stackable washer/dryer. I need to think about:

  • Wall Color
  • Appliance Color
  • Order Shower Door
  • New Vanity Sink Top
  • New Faucet
  • Storage
  • Lighting
  • Completing the Wood Trim [baseboards, window trim, window sill, and crown molding]
It is basically a white room right now with a white vanity cabinet. There is a ton of room to grow design wise. I am on the hunt for inspiration! I hope its possible to have a functioning bathroom/laundry room..

I saw this spread in Country Living in a past magazine and was thrilled at the idea of wall papering the ceiling! Pete, my husband, said "no way!" "I am NOT doing that!" Le sigh. I think it looks grand.


  1. greetingS from sunny FL. Timely article.. just got word I need a new dryer.. guess I will be air drying for a while

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