Saturday, February 21, 2009

Vintage Spring Fabric and Birds!

Spring has sprung in the shop! I made these adorable vintage fabric cuttings this morning. There is just something so fresh and therapeutic about cutting and folding fabric. [while having my morning coffee] These cuttings are generous 1 yd x 1 yd of vintage bed sheets. The patterns are so like spring, I can't wait for the weather to turn around!

[$8.00 per yard listing, mention my blog: she can't decide and get 15% off!]

Pete has also been working very hard this morning on the necklace project. He has been trimming and connecting chains and attaching the birds. [and one whale!] I can't wait to head back to the wood shop tomorrow and make some more bird friends.
These necklaces are made from vintage re-purposed chains and white poplar wood. This wood has been hand cut and sanded into a fine sleek bird silhouette. Nature meets Vintage.
[*these too will show up in the shop by the end of the weekend!]

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