Friday, March 13, 2009

Custom Ink & Watercolor Portraits.

I am still itching to do more of these custom ink and watercolor portraits. There are two listings available in the shop right now. Both are for 5" x 7" portraits. I have them for only $28.00 w. free shipping! What a deal! Email me for details of visit the shop!

Hunting for spring inspiration, I was in the depths of last year on Resurrection Fern's blog [what a wonderful blog it is too] post about super tiny bouquets and I found these sweet images.
This will remind me to be on the lookout for vintage thimbles! What a sweet idea! I imagine this in a guest bedroom to greet the guests!

1 comment:

  1. That would be wonderful in a guest room, a sure smile winner.
    I just purchased 3 small lots of vintage thimbles on ebay last week so I have amble vessels for the upcoming flower season.
    I have also found many at thrift stores, rummage sales and yard sales. Good luck with your search.