Sunday, March 15, 2009

Help! Sofa, Pillows, Paint.

I have an old home, 100+ years old, that still has the original woodwork. I have spoke on here before about painting the original dark woodwork white, but I know I'll never do it. [maybe for the next house!]This afternoon I was browsing the internet for sofa ideas. [mine needs a punch up with pillows and such] and I found this amazing before and after on Domino's website. This image really makes me rethink painting my woodwork!

Right now I only have two pillows for my sofa. They are a great orange, lime green, and aqua modern pattern. [my sofa is a charcoal gray] I think that I need a few more pillows, different sizes, along the same color scheme to really make the room pop. I have also been hunting for an aqua or bright green rug as well. [affordable of course]

These sofa images from the blog: Made By Girl, really inspired me for the multiple pillow look.
Here is my sad, un-styled sofa. I love the pillow in the front, I am just note sure how else to get my living room to be more stylish. The dark woodwork always holds me back from experimenting with bolder colors.I think that a light rug would do the trick as well as a new wall color and some great pillows.


  1. Bloging is the ways were people share their greatest think and ideas and your Blog is such things.

  2. Stop worrying about the wood being precious, think of it as a color. It reads very orange in the photos, and there are beautiful greens and aquas in your pillow. Use those colors to contrast the woodwork and you should be in great shape. Just think of your sofa as the neutral! Good luck.

  3. Paint the woodwork. You are living there and it needs to be your space. It can always be stripped later. :)