Sunday, March 15, 2009

Complete Store Updates!

First up: FunkeyFinds! This 1970s ceramic planter is in the shop now. It comes with a baby spider plant nestled in organic potting soil.

Not only is it spring and I am listings planters but oh my my, what a beauty of a bag too! Expect the bag in the shop sometime soon! You can also expect a HUGE update in my Vintage Lingerie Shop: ItsBella. It seems like my sweet reconstructed slips are not selling as well as I had hoped they would. I have so many in my craft closet that will never be played with, therefore I am cleaning house! Expect vintage slips at great prices! I want someone else to have the pleasure of revamping them!
Lastly, in OliveSomeDay I have some very exciting and sweet diy frame kits. This one is my "shabby chic" inspired trio. I love how fresh they look and they don't even have anything in them! Find them [here]

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