Sunday, March 8, 2009

fabric fabric fabric

I am so into fibers lately, its weird! I found some of these vintage fabric squares that I bought on ebay last year. I adore the patterns, but I have no idea what to do with them. The squares are only abut 5" x 5". I would love to frame them, but they are not very similar!These blue and pink stacks of scraps are in the shop right now. I am nearing the end of my beautiful stash of retro fabric...get it while you can!

On another fibers note, I was browsing around etsy today and found this great seller: SoSheSews. She has created some very, very cute and colorful Eco Friendly Bangles & Bracelets. These are just two of my favorite from her shop:

Sadly, the first set has been sold, but the second set can be found [here] The bracelets are made from her leftover materials and old buttons. [a girl after my own heart!] The colors she chooses are so on key! They are beautiful and the price is great too! [only 12.00]

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