Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spring Flowers...

Ah, I went to dinner yesterday at a friends house and I brought her some of these. I must say, and I don't feel too guilty, that I snuck some out of her bouquet for myself! I really enjoyed seeing them when I came home last night and waking up this morning. Flowers just make me happy.
I also found these beautiful pieces of flatware in a dirty old box yesterday. I scrounged and scoured the box, making quite a racket in the antique shop! [I kept looking over my shoulder to see if I was disturbing anyone!] I really love their patina and shine. I think a grouping of three makes for a beautiful arrangement and eye appealing decoration.
I have been trying to research them all morning. I know they are from the William A Rogers Oneida Company. They are marked with: Wm. A. Rogers A1 Plus. Oneida Ltd." I have discovered that A1 on flateware means that it is silver plated, but I have not found out what the pattern is called or how old the pieces are. Its kind of a needled in a haystack! Each spoon says the same thing, but in different positions on the back of the handle, which leads me to think that they are all from a a different era! I wish I had a silverware book! They are in the shop now.

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