Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A little bedroom inspiration...

I found a great photo gallery on Martha Stewart.com about bedroom decorating. I love this blue/aqua oasis one! Its a dream. The lines of the wallpaper headboard are just so unique and inspiring.

I love the sunshine yellow glow to the wooden chair and the great aqua and yellow accents on the bedding. So fresh and clean and there is no frill and no fuss with the window treatment!Another inspiring color pallet! Gray, pink, light green and dark green. This is also another great headboard with amazing lines. This image is from the stenciling pillowcases article. Check out the steps for stenciling [here]Lastly, I love a good wall collage of frames. This one is particularly nice, with both oval and rectangle frames intertwined.

My only extra though, why is marthastewart.com's photo tag so ugly? [see above image] Is is so not a Martha Stewart typeface!


  1. what lovely rooms -- thanks for sharing!! :) i adore the headboard print on the wall in the first one

  2. that first bedroom is sooooo cute :)