Friday, July 10, 2009

DIY Wall Idea

I am always looking for new ideas for things to hang on the wall. I see frames in one of my shop, but do you think my walls are properly decorated? Nooo. My goal before the summer ends is to have at least two wall collages put up [one upstairs and one downstairs] and to have at least each room containing one thing on the wall that was not thrown there when we first moved in [because a nail conveniently was hung there].

Here are some ideas I am toying with from website www.diyideas.compainted & mounted ceiling medallions
vintage tableclothThis last image is of a letter press coaster mounted inside a frame. What a nice idea! I know that etsy has a slew of wonderful letterpress shops! How fun would these be?
Spirograph Inspired Coasters by: marquandeditions


  1. Anyone ever see a vintage Pennsylvania Tablecloth? I would LOVE one for my collection.

  2. i expect to see photos of these collages!!