Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday Morning Steals...

This morning proved to be worth dragging myself out of bed to go to a local church's annual flea market sale. It was big last year and I did fairly well, but I was quite pleased with my steals this year. I found this great paint by number for a quarter! A quarter! Nice. I have been more and mroe attached to these cheesy things lately. Some are truly bad, but I thought this one was sweet and well worth the price. Its going to be staying.Then I found a whole mess of vintage bed linens. I adore these oldie prints! They will be excellent for the shop, as my vintage fabric stash was waning. I have already washed them, not they just need to be cut into one yard pieces. Fun!


  1. Nice finds. I should get me to a church sale pronto. I've heard they're a veritable treasure trove!

    - Donna

  2. it's funny to me that everytime I see someone's vintage sheet finds I see a print that I have. In this case I have the one on top of the second picture and I LOVE love love love love it, did I mention I love it?