Sunday, August 2, 2009

Summer Food.

Nothing says summer to me like a huge jar of homemade pickles. I have fond memories of my Grammy, picking her cucumbers from her own garden and placing them in a jar for future tart pickles. I saw this image on and just has to share.

This would be a lovely gift or special treat to make for my own cravings! Find the recipe [here]

I have also been making Mr. Jim's Louisiana Barbecued shrimp a lot this summer [abandoning my vegetarian lifestyle briefly] which is also from It is so dangerously simple and so delicious that I want to eat it almost every night! I serve it over cooked rice and with grilled corn on the cob. Find the recipe [here]

Mark, from the quickly growing famous Whimsy & Spice [which is a sweet shop based out of Brooklyn] recently posted on he and his wife's blog a super tempting photo and recipe of crab cakes. Find it [here]

Lastly, I finish it all off with tea, lots of tea. I keep reading about the health benefits of tea that it really feels good to drink it. Cold in the summer with a splash of juice or lemon and hot in the winter with soothing honey. I read this great article this morning titled: "You are What You Drink" I like knowing that I don't "drink my calories" by inhaling soda and nasty chemically enhanced drinks.

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