Thursday, August 6, 2009

Vintage Chenille.

My mom recently gave me a vintage chenille bedspread for my guest room. I am in love with how fresh and bright it makes the room look. I often go in this room to lay on the bed for a few minutes and relax. As you can see there is always someone already there! Luckily she understands my need for relaxation too.
Now I just need to find some nicer pillows for the bed. I love to pile a bed up with pillows. I would like to bring in some color, maybe in a quilt look on top of this plain bedspread.

I like these pillows that I spotted on etsy a few weeks ago. They are so bright and fun. They are also made from vintage bed sheets, which you know I love. You can find them at Pins and Thimbles @ etsy.

Here are some more hand made chenille pillows from

Cuddly Comforts-$29.99 [here]

FlasweetPeas- $18.00 [here]

The Vintage Thread- $38.00 [here]

This shop also has an amazing amount of cut chenille for crafts and sewing. Very nice colors and selection. Maybe I could make my own....?


  1. I was so happy to read this post! My bedroom is almost the identical color to yours. When I painted it last year my mom gave me a white matelasse and I decided not to use anything else because of how fresh it made the entire room. I'm still working on what to put up on the walls though...I really want a wall of just antique mirrors.

  2. That looks like one comfy cat! ;) Your bedroom certainly looks nice and relaxing... Love the hoops on the wall :)

  3. What guest wouldn't be relaxed and comfy in that fabulous room? ...and the furry little mascot to greet them.

  4. Oh, I wish I could have a white bedroom like this one! My fiance and my dog, however, have other ideas :(

    I'm so glad you like the cushions -- I'm making some new ones this week in bright yellows and oranges, which is keeping me happy!

  5. i am obsessed with piling pillows high on beds!!

  6. So sweet! Your kitty cat gives the room just the right touch of home :) Beautifully decorated room.

    I'm so glad you showed my vintage chenille pillow too :) I love working with chenille. There is just something so cozy about it....