Saturday, November 23, 2013

DIY Paperweight Gifts

I am ashamed that I have not posted anything in two months! To ramp up again I thought I would share a really fun DIY project I made this morning. Over the summer my mom found for me some glass paperweights at a yard sale. I have had them hanging around until this morning when I finally found the inspiration to fill them. They were easy to fill and turned out nicely. I think giving them for gifts this holiday season will be nice.

What you need:

empty glass paper weights
images or vintage fabric
thin cardboard to use as a template and backing
hot glue gun

I filled the paperweights with vintage photos and scraps of vintage fabric (both of which I have a lot of laying around). You can use any paper ephemera you have or any special image you like. First, make a template from thin cardboard hat fit snugly inside the paperweight. Next, lay the template on your fabric or photo and cut around it. Last, pop the photo or fabric inside the paperweight and run a thin bead of hot glue to seal in it.


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  1. Feel like I’m doing it right now. I love vintage stuff, including your idea. This is one of an example of unique art, or maybe a unique idea that gave me an opportunity to introduce this in my blog . I’m fascinated to try this and share this to my friends. Cool vintage!