Sunday, February 8, 2009

Our Guestbedroom

I saw this photo of a bedroom from Porridge Home Bedding a few months ago on Design*Sponge. I fell in love with the image right away because it is so difficult to find inspiring ideas for interior decorating that uses natural colored wood work. [i.e. the chair next to the bed] I loved the gray purple color of the wall immediately. I also spied a similar bed in the ikea catalogue. I thought: I can do this!

So, with the help [lots of it!] from my handy man hubby Pete, we transformed our vacant front bedroom into a sweet serene guest room.

1. Remove Old Wall Light Fixture
2. Spackle & Repair Walls
3. Prepare & Paint Walls
4. Install 3 Electrical Outlets [the room had zero working electrical outlets]
5. Install Bamboo Flooring
6. Construct Ikea Bed, Buy Rug, Install in Room.

It was a fairly quick re-do that still needs some decorating work. We had lovely guests coming to stay with us for New Year's Eve, so we really busted to get this done in the fall. Pete installed the floor in two days! He is an amazement! I think the final paint color came out a tad too purple and I think it would look better with a touch more gray. We also need to find a nice black and white bedspread as the sage green coverlet is getting quite worn. I also wanted to take down the ceiling fan, but I imagine it is nice to have for your guests.

1. Bookcase: Vintage
2. Bed: Ikea Leirvik $129.00
3. Paint: Lowes Valspar: Livid Violet in Eggshell
4. Flooring: Supreme Bamboo 1.99 sq. ft.
5. Curtains: Ikea Alvine Spets 14.99
6. Lamp: Vintage [rewired by my husband]


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