Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Attic Hide Away

Attic rooms are not only mysterious and tight, but they feel like they are crammed full of secrets and treasures. I found oodles of them on [pinterest] that were inspiring, so I thought that I would share my own attic hide away.

If this were my home that I owned and not rented, I would love to paint the floor white and the walls something bright. The exposed brick would stay [of course!] and add a dangling lamp above my bed instead of the recessed lighting. I have done well for making it feel like home with my hippo flea market find and a new addition of a red, streamer trunk style, dresser from the thift store. My vintage ceramic tri pod planter also made the cut along with some new artwork in a collage on the wall. In the ceramic vases, ivy cuttings from my last house in Takoma Park.

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